Project Description

Namavundu is an urban to rural community spreading from one of Kampala’s busiest roads to a valley on the outskirts of the capital. The water source being used for drinking water prior to the project was a stream running from central Kampala contaminated with both human and industrial waste. A nearby spring was overrun by the stream, contaminating the fresh groundwater. Work was begun to divert the stream and build a protected spring to ensure clean water for the 3,000 inhabitants.

Phase 1

Diverting the existing stream, protecting the spring site.

Phase 2

Constructing a protected spring and filter system, enclosing the surrounding top soil to prevent contamination of the filter system.

Phase 3

Sanitation and hygiene drive with the local community with creation of materials for the spring site.

Information on hygiene and water safety to be displayed by tank.




Project Detail

  • Local community project


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